Automate mobile device management onboarding
Save time & money.

About EBF Onboarder for Maas360

The EBF Onboarder for Maas360 can be used to execute onboarding projects from many sources to Maas360.
An intuitive user interface intelligently integrates end users into the process, relieving your IT department of the task.
The combination of automation, standardization and self-service minimizes downtimes during the onboarding process and cuts costs significantly.

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Benefits over a manual onboarding process

Organization of onboarding groups for divisions or departments of the company user driven onboarding, and not administrative

Up to 80% cost-savings

Return of invest within 100 devices

Less resources utilized

Helpdesk and IT staff Benefits over manual migration

Software as a Service

Zero setup and planning steps

Reduced outages by automation

Users keep being productive

How EBF Onboarder works ?

The device onboarding process is done in just a few simple steps

Define your targeted devices for onboarding in the EBF Onboarder portal

Notify the devices over Email, push notifications or SMS

Users follow simple instructions guiding them through onboarding process

Get an overview and complete the onboarding wave